Estate Planning and Probate

Our attorneys represent clients in all aspects of estate planning and probate practice. We advise a wide variety of clients, including business owners and professionals, about the administration and disposition of their assets during their lifetime, at, and after death.

We guide clients through the various options and vehicles available to achieve our clients' wishes, and then prepare a variety of documents, such as wills, trusts, financial and medical powers of attorney, living wills and directives, and beneficiary and transfer on death deeds, to implement those desires.  Our attorneys assist clients with beneficiary designations that affect property passing outside of a client's will. Additionally, we provide assistance to clients in the administration of their living and testamentary trusts.

At MVP, we tailor our strategies and documents to the specific needs of our clients and their families.  We assist clients with detailed and special circumstances, such as helping business owners chart a path to transfer a business to third parties or to family members as part of an overall estate plan.  MVP attorneys assist the client in considering many factors in the planning process, including family structure, asset mix and the estate, gift and income tax implications of the dispositions.

Our attorneys represent executors, administrators, trustees, beneficiaries, guardians, conservators and protectees in probate court proceedings.  These proceedings involve the administration of estates of deceased persons and trust estates, as well as guardianships and conservatorships.  We also handle the litigation of contested matters in probate court.

In short, MVP can help clients with any phase of the estate planning and probate process and our goal is to make these activities as efficient and convenient as possible for our clients.

Lawrence D. Greenbaum