Personal Injury

The lawyers and support staff of McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips have the understanding and skill necessary to successfully defend personal injury actions due to their wealth of experience.  MVP is knowledgeable in the various substantive areas of law through which personal injury actions arise, as well as experienced in complex medical issues such as causation and extent of injury.  MVP regularly defends cases with an array of injuries, from soft tissue to multiple amputation to death.  In addition to real world litigation experience, we stay abreast of issues through membership and participation in local and national defense organizations.

Premises/Retail Liability

McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips has a long history of defending a variety of tort and statutory based personal injury claims arising out of ownership and leases of real property and retail operations.  MVP represents several retailers in the Midwest, defending our clients from allegations ranging from typical slip and fall cases to third party criminal attacks.  Past and current clients include general merchandisers as well as convenience stores.


Our experience includes representing various facets of the transportation industry.  From defense of highway accidents on behalf of trucking companies to defending personal injury actions in the form of Federal Employer Liability Act claims and grade crossing accidents for national and regional railroads, MVP understands the unique facets and defenses presented by these different situations.

Construction/Contractor Liability

McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips has had the opportunity to defend a variety of personal injury actions arising out of building and highway construction projects.  With the firm's extensive background in workers' compensation law, we are uniquely qualified to analyze contractor relationships for potential defenses and indemnities arising out of the employment relationships between the injured person and the contractors, general contractor, project manager and other entities involved.

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Gregory T. Cook
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