Professional Liability

McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips represents a wide range of professionals faced with malpractice or malfeasance claims.  The firm has successfully defended investment advisors and broker clients in the securities industry against claims brought by investors. Through skillful interrogation in depositions and ability to focus on our opponents' arguments' deficiencies, our lawyers have drafted successful motions for summary judgment, disposing of securities fraud claims, claims of Rule 10b-5 violations and requests for punitive damages.

Our lawyers' insights into many technical or scientific matters, bolsters our representation of engineers, architects and other construction-related professionals.  The firm has defended successfully engineers and architects in actions claiming malpractice or negligence in a variety of matters from building construction to chemical processing plant design to storm drainage systems. 

Lawyers, accountants and other professionals are increasingly the object of claims and MVP has been a leader in defending them.  The firm's draws on its lawyers' broad range of practice areas for insights into the defense of claims of a wide variety.  Clients find reassuring MVP's experience practicing law in areas that are the subject of the claim or their experience from having  worked closely with other professionals in the field that is the subject of the claim. 

Byron A. Bowles, Jr.
Gregory T. Cook
Alan T. Fogleman