McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips's attorneys represent a variety of transportation companies, including railroad, trucking, delivery, courier, and other entities. This experience includes advising clients in business matters and regulatory compliance, as well as representing clients in litigation.


Our attorneys represent Class I, regional, regional and short line railroads.  This representation covers the gamut of issues facing railroads, from risk management, interaction with local, state, and federal agencies, real estate matters, labor and employment consultation and litigation, and personal injury litigation defense.


We assist trucking companies of all sizes, from local delivery companies to national trucking corporations, in a wide variety of legal issues faced in today's heavily regulated and litigious climate. Our experience includes driver and equipment compliance, labor and employment issues, carriage contracts, leases, property damage, and personal injury litigation.


Our attorneys have a proven track record of representing its transportation clients in claims involving the Federal Employer Liability Act (FELA), grade cross collision, trespasser actions, and other third party injury claims.  We consult with and defend transportation companies against hundreds of FELA actions, including multiple amputations and death actions. Our defense of railroad grade crossing collisions includes cases involving multiple fatalities and traumatic brain injuries. We remain at the forefront of litigation defense through research and resources in transportation law.  Our firm is a member of the National Association of Railroad Trial Counsel.

Risk Management

Our representation of transportation clients includes consultation regarding claims handling and procedures to more effectively investigate claims, ensure early resolution of proper claims, and early identification of major claims.

Labor and Employment

Our attorneys have experience representing transportation companies in a variety of labor and employment matters.  This includes defense of actions by employees for wrongful discharge, breach of contract, Title VII, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and other statutory and tort-based employee actions.

Real Estate

We represent transportation companies in all aspects of real estate matters, including acquisition, sale, zoning, easements, and litigation.

Workers' Compensation

We are well-known for our success in defending workers' compensation cases.  Our attorneys frequently defend railroads, trucking companies and other transportation entities and understand the specific issues of workers' compensation in transportation. 

Byron A. Bowles, Jr.