Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements

Medicare set-aside arrangements are a rapidly growing area of workers’ compensation law.  In some cases, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) require Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements (MSAs) and their approval of workers’ compensation settlements.  At McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips, our workers’ compensation defense attorneys are familiar with these legal implications and the need to protect Medicare’s interests in various workers’ compensation claims settlements.

What is a Medicare set-aside proposal? 

A Medicare Set-Aside is a trust account set up for Medicare eligible workers' compensation claimants that is funded to cover the costs of the claimant's future Medicare-covered medical treatment and needs relating to the work injury.  In 2001, Medicare compliance became essential in some workers’ compensation cases.

Managing Medicare set-aside issues within workers’ compensation.  

Medicare law and procedure for workers’ compensation insurance claims continues to change.  We monitor developments and updates from the Centers of Medicare Services to make sure you have the latest information.  Our attorneys advise clients when Medicare compliance is required and draft Medicare set-aside proposals to protect your legal interests and avoid unnecessary litigation.  We take a creative approach that includes extensive medical review, future medical cost projection, and legal issues integration in submitting our proposals. 

Obtaining results for our clients. 

Medicare has approved many of our Medicare set-aside submissions, allowing our clients to resolve claims without additional costs with the assurance from Medicare that the finalization of the workers’ compensation cases meets Medicare’s requirements.  We have established an efficient, thorough, cost-effective, and accurate process to generate precise, well-organized, and proficient proposals for our clients.

Why choose McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips? 

Unlike many other vendors, we provide professional legal opinions and work product regarding Medicare’s involvement in workers’ compensation cases.  We have a team of workers’ compensation attorneys who specialize in Medicare compliance and who frequently give presentations on Medicare issues to other attorneys, insurance representatives, claim administrators, and risk managers. 

Gregory T. Cook