Technology and Entrepreneurial Law

McAnany, Van Cleave and Phillips attorneys work with private and public sector clients on high-capacity broadband communications matters, including right-of-way and zoning issues, pole/conduit attachment matters, public entities and communications providers, coordination/cooperation on public communications projects, development of strategic local and national partnerships, and other opportunities and potential barriers to broadband initiatives. Whether representing governments or private clients, our attorneys work creatively and analytically to address the challenges and opportunities associated with the evolving communications industry.


We recognize the opportunities technology provides and the economic development benefits that can be shared by government, large companies, as well as small start-ups and entrepreneurs. This includes providing consultation to municipalities and companies in relation to technology infrastructure.  Our attorney’s provide guidance and counsel to startups and entrepreneurs seeking to start new businesses in technology and other fields in the Kansas City area and around the country.


We also assist companies and municipalities that are interested in utilizing technology as an economic development tool, be it broadband deployment, or public-private partnerships as mechanisms for funding technology infrastructure at the local level. MVP attorneys have unique skill sets and experiences in this emerging area.


Our attorneys regularly speak before large audiences on issues involving broadband infrastructure, technology as an economic development tool, public policy initiatives to encourage broadband deployment, and public/private partnerships as effective mechanisms for funding technology infrastructure projects at the local level.

Gregory T. Cook
Ryan B. Denk