MVP Law Seminars

Registration is now open for the 2018 MVP Law Seminars.  This years seminars will be held in Kansas City, St. Louis and Des Moines.  Each year MVP Attorneys address different employment law, general liability law, public sector law and workers' compensation topics in a free event.  HR Professionals, in-house counsel, managers, supervisors, risk managers, claims representatives and workers' compensation professionals attend and receive continuing education credits throughout the day.


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Session Descriptions
#MeToo Movement  

MVP Attorneys will discuss different classifications of sexual harassment.  They will go over the need for preventing harassment training, the importance of training, and how to protect their employees.  MVP attorneys will provide any legal updates regarding sexual harassment and the need for policy review.  The attorneys will then address how to respond to a complaint of harassment, both for past and present situations.  They will address what the employer’s duties to investigate include.

Employment Law Track 

Discrimination Prevention – Complying with EEOC Regulations 

MVP Attorneys will address recent trends in EEOC decisions and awards including equal pay, age discrimination, and leave policies.  They will discuss where EEOC regulations apply in hiring, firing, promotions and the importance of training to prevent lawsuits.

FMLA Update 

This session will serve as a quick review of what is covered in for FMLA, and common problems that arise when an employee is out on leave. 


MVP Attorneys will address the importance of following OSHA Guidelines to provide a safe work environment.  MVP attorneys will address different hazards that can be found on the worksite, as well as who is impacted by the OSH Act.

Conducting Employment and Administrative Investigations 

During this session, MVP attorneys will discuss the importance of following procedure on employment and administrative investigations.  Our attorneys will discuss who should conduct the investigation, what steps need to be taken before, during and after the investigation.

General Liability Track 

Employment Liability 

When a lawsuit is filed alleging discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment and other employment related issues an employer may turn to their employment practices liability insurance.  During this session, MVP attorneys will go over ways that you can help prepare your employers if a situation arises.

Coverage Questions 

When a claim is filed with an insurance provider, there are sometimes questions that arise as to who has coverage and if the matter is being filed under the proper policy.  These opinions could result in thousands of dollars difference for an insurance company if it is not something that is covered in their policy or would be the fault of the employers.  In this session, MVP attorneys will discuss common scenarios with coverage questions on different policies.


MVP attorneys will address different scenarios that may arise in a subrogation.  They will discuss the best practices and common trends in subrogation cases. 

Tort Liability 

What is a Tort?  In this session, MVP attorneys will discuss liability from torts, policies to have in place and what businesses should do to protect themselves.  Attorneys will also discuss recent cases involving tort liability.

Workers' Compensation Morning Track 

Back to the Basics: A refresher on Workers’ Compensation 

During this session, MVP Attorneys will go back to the basics of workers’ compensation addressing what workers’ compensation is, and what to do if an injury occurs.  During this session, MVP attorneys will go over how to handle injuries, protocol for injuries, how to provide treatment, and what happens when an injured worker decides to litigate their claim.

Interplay Between Employment Law and Workers' Compensation 

MVP Attorneys will discuss how to handle a workers’ compensation case from the employment law aspect.  This includes knowing what to do when a workers’ compensation injury happens in your workplace is essential to make the litigation process run smoothly.  This session will go over important steps of documenting an injury when it happens, follow up, employee returning to work, and closing the workers’ compensation matter.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Workers' Compensation 

MVP attorneys will go over the best ways to act in good faith on a case, and the dangers associated with acting in bad faith.  They will discuss the harm that can be done by acting in bad faith.

Oklahoma Legislative Updates 

Oklahoma's went through workers' compensation reform in 2014, since that time there have been different rulings that have impacted work comp in Oklahoma.  During this session, MVP attorneys will discuss proposals from the legislature and what cases have been decided that have impacted Title 85A.

Workers' Compensation Afternoon Sessions

Technology in Workers’ Compensation

Technology is rapidly changing and so is the way technology could impact the future of workers’ compensation claims and claims reporting.  During this session, MVP attorneys will discuss the future impact self-driving cars could have on work comp, the potential for reporting injuries through teledoc, cell phone photos taken on site when an injury takes place, an injured worker sharing their injury/coworkers injury through Instagram, SnapChat or Facebook Live, location tracking and if any of this information is accessible through a subpoena.

Toxic Exposure 

During this session, MVP attorneys will discuss the situations where Toxic Exposure can arise with workers’ compensation, and the different steps to address treatment.  The attorneys will discuss complex issues that arise in the claims including when the exposure may have occurred under a previous insurance policy. 

Understanding the Prevailing Factor and Preexisting Conditions? 

During this session, MVP attorneys and potential guest speakers will discuss what may constitute as the prevailing factor.  They will also discuss preexisting conditions and how they can impact a workers’ compensation case.

Discovery of a Claims File  

What is discoverable in a workers’ compensation file?  MVP attorneys will discuss the different risks involved when handling a workers’ compensation case and what could be potentially discoverable.

Handling Catastrophic and High Dollar Claims

There are a variety of injuries that may fall into the Catastrophic claims category.  During this session, MVP attorneys will discuss types of injuries that may be considered catastrophic.  They will also address different issues that may arise as a result of the injury.

Break out room: Workers’ Compensation Boot Camp and Case Law Updates 

MVP Attorneys will review appellate and Supreme Court decisions, recent updates on legislative changes, and problems that arise from workers’ compensation claims.  MVP Attorneys discuss what qualifies as a workers’ compensation injury, common defenses in workers’ compensation cases, and a review of exclusive remedy, causation and prevailing factor.

Continuing Education Approvals

MVP is an approved provider for SHRM BoCK and HR Certification Institute. These seminars have been submitted for PHR, SPHR, GPHR, SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP.

Oklahoma Department of Insurance*

Kansas City and St. Louis sessions from 8:30am to 11:10am are approved for 3 General Hours. The 11:15 to 12:05pm session provides a choice of an hour of ethics, legislative updates credits or general credits**. The 1:00 to 4:00 session is approved for 3 General Hours.


Texas Department of Insurance*

Kansas City and St. Louis sessions from 8:30am to 11:10am are approved for 3 General Hours. The 11:15 to 12:05pm session provides a choice of hour of an ethics or an hour general credits available**. From 1:00 to 4:00 is approved for 3 General Hours.


Kansas Department of Insurance*

Kansas City and St. Louis from 8:30am to 11:10am is approved for 3 General Hours. The 11:15 to 12:05pm session provides a choice of an hour of ethics or an hour general credits available**. From 1:00 to 4:00 is approved for 3 General Hours.


*Partial Credit is not available. **1 hour of general credits it pending


Total Hours available if you attend the whole day:

6 General Hours, 1 Ethics Hour

6 General Hours, 1 Legislative Updates Hour

7 General Hours

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